Akashic Attunement


Align with your Soul’s Purpose with the Akashic Records


About the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is a Divine energetic record of all of your thoughts, actions, experiences, and intentions of each lifetime on earth since your soul’s first incarnation here.  It is a vibrational imprint so to speak of every thing that you have experienced during your many incarnations. The great American prophet Edgar Cayce referred to the your records as Your Book of Life.  Looking into your records is like looking at a reflection of your soul in the mirror and understanding who you really are.

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Insights Gained

Life Purpose

You have the opportunity to explore your life purpose from the souls perspective. Are you on your path? Are you experiencing what your soul intended? Explore the growth that your soul planned.

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Karmic Relationships

Have a challenging personal or professional relationship? We incarnate by agreement with familiar souls. You can explore how many lifetimes you have shared with another person and what those relationships may have been. Past lives may leave us with a Karmic cycle that our soul intends to resolve in this lifetime. You can explore the nature of these issues and with whom.

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Life Challenges

Our souls are always moving toward perfection with each lifetime.  You can explore what lessons and growth your soul intend as a result of the life experiences you were guided to.  Discover the incarnation blueprint your soul planned for you.

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Finding Peace & Balance

Being an eternal being of light and having a human experience with all it’s challenges can be very difficult to say the least. Understanding that this lifetime is just one chapter in a much larger book that is Your Book of Life gives you a unique perspective that shows how all your experiences are interrelated rather than isolated events.  Being consciously aware of these connections dissolves past hidden trauma and shifts our emotional body to a more balanced state of being. The residual energy of a trauma from the past is released and resolved freeing you to move forward with freedom.