Below are just a few examples of questions asked. The more specific your questions, the quicker relevant information can be brought forward from the Records. Important to note, the Record Keepers will not tell you what to do because this would usurp your freewill. They will, however, provide you with some options that you may not have thought of and would be in alignment with your highest and best good. Also, if you’re exploring your past life relationship with someone in this lifetime, I cannot open their records without their permission. However, we can explore the relationship from the perspective of your Records and experiences. To do that, I will need their full name.

What is an Akashic Records Consultation?

An Akashic Records Consultation is a session where I open your Records with a Sacred Prayer handed down from the Mayans. I can only open your records with your express permission.  Once your records are open, it is an interactive conversation where you  have the opportunity to ask questions about the issues you’re seeking clarity on. Initial sessions usually last an hour or hour and a half.


Some Common Questions:

  • How old a soul am I? How many lifetimes have I lived?
  • How many lifetimes as a male or then as female?
  • What was my most recent past lifetime?
  • Are there any past life relationships or Karmic cycles that are influencing what you are experiencing now?
  • Are there any current blockages or fears that relate to a past life trauma?
  • Are there any physical problems that may have a past life origin?
  • Am I on my soul’s path at this time?