I just finished my session with Bob. Wow. It was mind-opening. I gained an understanding of the karmic difficulties around my mother, how my prior life with her came through in this life, and some positive steps I can take with her now.  We discussed ways of bringing my Greek playwright writing talent from my past life into my current one. The session brought many insights, ideas, solutions and changing perspectives – all in ways that I feel will help me to strengthen and grow. Thank you, Bob!”……Jen

“Just a quick note to thank you for reading my Akashic records this morning. I sincerely appreciate your assistance and the information you provided. All of it has significant value to me. I am able to connect a few more dots in this lifetime with other lifetimes with your help.”……Rich

“The experience was a spiritual one and I thank you for the richness & understanding that you bring to this lifetime.”…….Clara

“After my reading with Robert and The Lords of the Akashic Records, my life has shifted into a beautiful alignment of why I am here now. I am forever changed. And I can feel it at a cellular level. Am certain my challenges with weight gain are now lifted as I am now consciously aware of the past life that kept holding me back from recognizing my ultimate “magnificence” of this lifetime. Again, I feel forever changed.”……Ursula

“I have always had a fascination about the Akashic records and what my records might say about my current life’s purpose and how I might evolve spiritually and communicate more directly with my Guides and loved ones. Bob is a wonderful reader…. insightful, and thoughtful in his explanations. I was able to validate my own understanding of my life’s learned lessons, purpose and how I might apply this new knowledge to my current and future life. Never thought I would embrace being referred to as an “old soul”. I also now better understand the tools I can apply to evolve spiritually. My deepest appreciation to Bob for helping me with this journey.”………Tina